We truly live in a country where we are empowered as its people.

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Free video and audio content aiming to inform and to strengthen democratic values and responsible citizenship. Educational content related to democracy, governance, elections, political parties, the justice system, the Constitution, economics, civil society, human rights and the environment.

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Contact your representatives

"Constituency Offices play a vital role in enabling the public to become active citizens and to take part in parliamentary activities. Services that give effect to this are direct interaction with MPs and the opportunity to lobby representatives"

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Get involved

"Integrated Development Planning is an approach to planning that involves the entire municipality and its citizens in finding the best solutions to achieve good long-term development."

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How is your municipality spending your money?

Municipalities are tasked with providing basic services. They receive money from national government to ensure the poor have access to basic service.

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Know your rights!

You have rights to information. You have rights to protest. Find out exactly how this works and make sure you claim your rights responsibly and confidently.

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Know the constitution

Easy reading version of the consitution, translated to our 11 national languages. Download and share with those who don't have mobile data!

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Join in community dialogue

"Presently in South Africa we are a fragmented society struggling to move forward. Most South Africans would agree that part of the reason for this is the deep-rooted hurt at the heart of all of our communities. The mistrust among people prevents us from building the trusting relationships that are necessary for us as individuals, communities and a society to heal and thrive."

Here's an example of community dialogue sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Visit them or find or organise one near you!

Johannesburg Cape Town

Donate to a cause or charity

Time is money, and it can take a lot of time and money to effect change. BackaBuddy is one place where you can find causes and easily contribute financially

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Volunteer your skills and a little or a lot of time

If you would like to spend some time helping out a Cause, making use of your skills and passion, look at what's needed or make an offer of your special skills.

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Knowledge, Opportunities and Events at NGO Pulse

NGO Pulse by SANGONet is a well-established network connecting you to NGOs, knowledge, job/volunteering opportunities, events, and more!

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How can you trust what you see?

How can you trust what you read? Or what the government says? Or what an activist says? How can you trust this page? You can't inherently anything but there are many ways to check whether a statement or attribution is true.

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Who checks the facts when you don't

While journalists have an duty to verify assertions before publishing them as fact, they can't always verify that quotes are true. Luckily AfricaCheck does that when the public submits assertions for them to check. Of course you should think carefully about what they say, and consider their evidence for yourself!

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The purpose of this website is to guide people in South Africa to practical ways that they can contribute to the development of the country. Signing petitions and sharing your thoughts on social media are important. But it's crucial for the country that we don't stop there. We have a responsibility to inform ourselves about how our democracy works, and take part in oversight and governance. We are empowered by our constitution, and have a responsibility to ensure everyones' rights are realised.

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